Let us wall mount your TV

Wall Mount A TV

So you want to hang your TV on the wall. If you’ve never attempted anything like this before, then you may not be up to the challenge. This requires a certain level of electrical wiring background, and a certain amount of residential home construction knowledge. If you can build up the courage to attempt wall mounting your TV, then you are half way there! But, if not then you should contact an expert, better yet The Installation Experts, LLC., here is our number (984) 641-3757 and our contact email info@the-installation-experts.com. Don’t hesitate, contact us now!

The Installation Experts, has been hanging TV’s for over 10 years, we provide many low voltage wiring and construction services. Here are a few. . . TV wall mounting service, video doorbell installation service, smart home installation and setup, and TV antenna installations.

And when it comes to hanging, or wall mounting TV’s well, we can do even more than that. We can also hide all of your TV components. Let us give your home that super clean lookout deserves! Look Mom, NO WIRES ! Your cable box/DVD player can be hidden behind the TV, or inside of a nearby cabinet/closet. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to control these devices. Need an outlet installed behind the TV, hey we’ve got you covered. What about a sound bar, we do that too! 5.1 Home Theater System and speaker installations, yes we do it all. Best of all, we can conceal all of those ugly wires behind the walls of your home, so that the only thing you see is the TV on the wall. Just the way it should be!

Wall mounting your TV is so convenient, because now you’ll have space over your fireplace, or on top of your desktop/dresser. And, your TV can look just like a picture on the wall. Oh Yeah, it can look like a picture on the wall, we can install a usb device into your TV that will allow you to use your TV as if it is a picture on the wall. No more delay contact us (985) 641-3757 or info@the-installation-experts.com.

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